IRWA/LAWA, a focus on Corruption

Posted by Cochise on October 25, 2006 at 11:35:44:

Chapter 1 –Los Angeles County
2006 Annual Fall Seminar

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Quiet Cannon, Montebello, CA

The Los Angeles World Airport’s (LAWA) Director of Economic Development admits that the Manchester Square “Voluntary Purchase” Program is a part of LAWA’s Master Plan. This statement was supported by one staff member who presented maps indicating that this area has been set aside for parking.

This Freudian slip of the tough could have major legal consequences since under the agencies “voluntary purchase program” homeowners were not paid Fair Market Value which is “the highest price” required by State Law in condemnation cases.

For years Vivian Howell, an IRWA and LAWA mucky muck, has stated that we are not going to pay them “the highest price” because this is a voluntary program.

In addition to using unethical appraisal practices like using unqualified appraisal trainees, consultants colluding on values, standardized comparable adjustments, and in some cases- appraising of property based upon it’s existing use, rather than it’s “highest and best use.” It is estimated that these combined, secret practices, have cost property owners millions.

The Director also stated that he foresaw a number of inverse condemnation cases being filed against the, by current residents, because the LAWA project has left their neighborhood in a shambles.

If you are a homeowner, property, or seller of property to LAWA in this area we strongly suggest that you contact a qualified Real Estate Condemnation Attorney, or Relocat1on Expert, and demand a full hearing into these issues.



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